Agricultural companies in southern Xinjiang actively organize winter irrigation, training, main...">


Spring is full of vitality, and we are busy preparing for farming

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Smelling the smell of soil and following the steps of spring, the company's cotton planting work in the agricultural sector has begun< br />

Agricultural companies in southern Xinjiang actively organize winter irrigation, training, maintenance of agricultural machines and tools, and transportation of agricultural materials. Northern Xinjiang is busy preparing for agricultural orders in 2022, and a busy scene has emerged in the agricultural sector< br />

Shayalihua is cleaning the irrigation canal for spring irrigation

At present, Shaya overhauls machinery, improves seeding efficiency, and responds to possible disaster rebroadcasting; Yuli agricultural company will improve the file management of windbreaks, and assign special personnel to take charge of it, so as to fully protect windbreaks; Kuqa speeds up the progress of spring irrigation and decomposes the tasks of spring sowing and tillage preparation; Awati made a schedule for spring sowing, and prepared manpower, seeds and mulching film to prepare for sowing with all strength...

Yubinhui, general manager of Yuli Lihua Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., said that according to the current climate conditions, there is a high possibility of late spring cold in Yuli region of Tarim Basin. Yuli company held a working meeting on spring ploughing and agricultural preparation. The departments of agriculture, agricultural machinery, water conservancy and engineering coordinated with each other to make overall arrangements for land, water conservancy, meteorology, machinery and equipment maintenance and other related preparations, so as to ensure the orderly progress of spring ploughing and spring sowing this year< br />

The company's subordinate agricultural units implement policies and guidance in different areas, closely follow the spring ploughing preparation work, and carry out the work in an orderly manner, so as to achieve early planning, early preparation and early deployment. The current planting and preparation work is managed and arranged in advance, laying a solid first step for the completion of the annual production tasks.
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